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“Keeping it simple, no matter how complex it is”


Cases with multiple defendants, or where there are alleged 'gang connections have grown over the last decade.

The firm has become the ‘go-to’ Solicitors for those who become embroiled in gang related offences.  These often mean ‘County-lines’ drug supply, or ‘Conspiracy’ type offences.  Our unique knowledge of gang culture and language has helped us understand the mindsets of many who get caught up in this lifestyle, and are unable to express themselves adequately to present their own cases.

We have successfully defended many high profile ‘Rap, Drill and Urban’ music artists.  In many of these cases, the Prosecution seek to rely on evidence of lyrical content from YouTube and other forms of social media, which they say are reflective of the mindsets of those charged.  Our lawyers have shown that this is an ignorant and biased view, that stems from not understanding the lifestyles and cultures of those who come from these backgrounds, or are interested in the music of this subculture.

Although we are based in London, we are regularly instructed to act for clients all across the UK, as ‘county lines’ drug operations lead to multiple arrests outside the capital.  Furthermore, our reputation has grown amongst the criminal fraternity and we are now actively requested to represent people across the UK.


Conspiracy offences are complicated and require diligence and concentration to fight successfully.  Our team has secured acquittals for many clients who faced the most serious conspiracy allegations, including Murder, Firearms, Drugs and Fraud.  These cases are often document heavy, and must be streamlined by experienced lawyers, who have a ‘keen eye’ for detail. 

We ensure that we consider the evidence thoroughly and present it to you, our client, in a way that makes it easier for you to understand the complexity of the charges you face.  It is our firms belief, that in order to successfully defend a case, the client must understand the case.  And we do our utmost to make this as simple as possible, no matter how complicated or voluminous the prosecution case is.

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