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“They consistently exceed client expectations, with their outstanding results”


There are many types of Frauds that are investigated by the various government agencies.  Here at Arcadian Law, you can be assured that you will be represented by experienced lawyers, who will help protect you, your business and your assets.  These kinds of investigations can often lead to significant cash flow problems for individuals and companies alike, as well as causing disruptions to businesses.  We do all we can within the legal frameworks to ensure things progress smoothly and efficiently, to minimise disruption.  We will then fight with every available tool to help clear your individual and companys good name.


We have represented multinational companies and high net worth individuals in a multitude of investigations instigated by these powerful government agencies, and have a proven track record of success.  From Business and Commercial Fraud, Corporate Restructuring, Public Enquiry's etc, we have the expertise to fight your case with the robustness you would expect of an award winning law firm.  We can deal with Restraint of Assets and Cash Seizure matters.  Our extensive network of Barristers and Financial experts are chosen with care, and only those who have a history of success in defending these types of cases, are selected to be part of your team. 


Although our expertise is in UK Law, we are also able to assist and advise in International NCA led investigations, and have in the past been instructed on such matters, which have led to our team of lawyers travelling abroad to conduct proactive work on behalf of our clients.  We utilise the best resources and contacts at our disposal to ensure that even if it is in a foreign land, you will be never be alone.  The fight for Justice knows no borders, and we are equipped to deal with such multi jurisdictional investigations.


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