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— ZA - Firearms Conspiracy

“I still can't believe how they won my case.  The effort the whole team put into going through the evidence was staggering.”

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Housing Disrepair

A multi award winning team, headed by one of the UK's highest rated Criminal Defence Solicitors, Rizvan Anwar.  From driving offences to Murder, Terrorism and Historic Sex Offences, here at Arcadian Law you can be confident in having your voice heard.

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Civil Litigation

The team at Arcadian Law have a proven track record of dealing with complex financial crime and investigations.

Get us involved early to ensure you are protected as early as possible.

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We have developed a reputation as being amongst the most sought after Defence Solicitors in Gang related and Conspiracy cases.  Our tenacious appetite to fight for our clients has seen demand for our services grow nationwide.

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Services for Businesses

Your license matters to you, and we understand that.  Our team are experts at advising and defending our clients facing points and bans for driving offences.

See how we can help to keep you on the road.



"Arcadian" means a place or time, when things were simple.  But the word itself, is quite complicated.  We believe this personifies our approach to your legal problems.  They are often complex to understand, but here at Arcadian Law, we keep things as simple as possible for you to understand.


Our mission is to provide robust, professional and winning defence strategies for our clients.  We want to ensure that every client is treated with the care and dedication, we want for our own families.

Here at Arcadian Law you can be assured that your voice, your arguments and your defence will be presented in a way to maximise you chances of success.

We are a niche practise who take on a limited number of cases every year, based solely on recommendation and referrals.  

Call us now, to see why our services are in such demand.


"When the jury said NOT GUILTY, I couldn't believe it. The team at Arcadian Law had been with me all the way and I owe them everything."

"Joint Enterprise is what the CPS said. My Solicitors helped me understand exactly what this meant and they fought my corner like my case was the most important thing in their world."

"They accused me of the biggest hacking in O2's history and had over 300,000 pages of evidence.  After a Trial I was found NOT GUILTY. Thank you Arcadian Law."

"I didn't think anyone would believe me because of what I was accused of. But my lawyers never gave up on me and I cannot thank them enough."

IA - Firearms

CC - Murder

MR - Fraud

SA - Terrorism



Hover over the images to see some of the recent cases we have dealt with


Crime Scene Investigator
  • R v K - Secured NOT GUILTY verdict after a 3 month trial in the infamous 'Pentonville 3' case, involving alleged corruption of prison staff.

  • R v A - Triple Murder case that was featured in a Panorama documentary on Honour killings.

  • R v O - Defendant was accused of the murder of a girl scout, in a tragic case that was referred to in Parliament. 

  • R v A - NOT GUILTY verdicts reached in a trial where the Defendants fingerprints were found on the bullet casing retrieved from the victims brain.

  • R v C - The Crown relied heavily on content from Drill videos published on YouTube in this multi handed trial.

  • R v V - The Defendant claimed he was possessed by the Devil when he tried to decapitate his victim.

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Files and Packages
  • R v MR - Secured a NOT GUILTY in what was described as the biggest fraud in the history of the O2 telephone network. Over 300,000 pages of evidence was served in this case.

  • R v MA - Managed to get the case dismissed, in this international fraud, involving the alleged transfer of fund between banks in the UK and Africa.

  • R v NS - Secured a NOT GUILTY in one of the largest 'car-ringing' cases in London this decade.

  • R v ZA - Secured the only NOT GUILTY in a case involving 25+ defendants accused of bribing an official in office.

  • R v KA - Managed to obtain a suspended sentence for a man accused of a significant Housing Benefit fraud valued over £200,000.

  • R v CB - Instructed to act for a company, accused of multi-million pound frauds across Europe.  The case involved travel to Switzerland to ensure the client was not charged.

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Smoker with Baseball Cap
  • R v EA - Secured a NOT GUILTY verdict after a lengthy trial involving over 70,000 pages of telephone evidence in this drugs conspiracy.

  • R v BV - Secured a NOT GUILTY in a multi-million pound drug empire case, where we represented the man alleged to have been the accountant.  All other defendants were convicted, except ours.

  • R v FA - A mother was charged along with her sons of drug offences, after a massive haul was seized in their home.  We secured a NOT GUILTY for 2 of the 3.

  • R v YS - Represented members of the infamous 'Mali-Strip', accused of county lines drug trafficking.

  • R v PR - Represented the main suspect, in a case where importers were using converted Ambulances to move drugs across the UK and Europe.

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Firearms / Weapons

Handgun and  Ammunition
  • R v IC - NOT GUILTY secured in a case were our client was the driver of a car, where a gun was hidden.  He denied any knowledge of the guns existence.

  • R v MM - Represented 1 of the 4 men accused of smuggling firearms into the UK via Belgium, using complex tracking devices.

  • R v ZA - Obtained a NOT GUILTY in a case where our client was alleged to have been the mastermind behind the supply of firearms to drug dealers in a London feud.

  • R v MK - A Taxi driver was charged after a passenger left a package containing a firearm in his cab.  

  • R v IA - Secured a NOT GUILTY when our client was accused of drug and firearms offences, after firearms were found in his garden.

  • R v IK - A builder was charged after a knife was found in his car, managed to secure a NOT GUILTY verdict after trial.

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Here are more recent cases

  • R v TM - A Trainee Solicitor was accused of being involved in a high value complex conspiracy, involving her boyfriend and others.  We managed to have the case discontinued at trial after robust Legal Arguments were submitted.

  • R v JC - Our Solicitor acted for one of the men accused of being involved in the beheading of a British Journalist in Syria.  The case was eventually discontinued after over a year of Legal Arguments.

  • R v CG - A mother was accused of abuse against her daughter, who published the accusations in her book.  We managed to secure a NOT GUILTY, after an emotional trial.

  • R v MR - Our client was charged with Handling Stolen Goods, after a complicated investigation where mobile phones were being sold to the Middle East.  We managed to have the case dismissed at half time, after we submitted Legal Arguments on behalf of our client.

  • R v RR - A prominent politician was accused of child abuse and sought our assistance for her and her partner.  We acted for both in this lengthy investigation, before ensuring that No Further Action was taken against either of our clients.

  • R v KR - An Olympic martial artist was accused of serious offences, when he was alleged to have tried to 'run-over' a man suspected of raping his niece.  Despite the horrific injuries sustained by the victim, we managed to ensure a phenomenally short sentence for our client, given the sensitive nature of his mitigation.

  • R v HA - A woman was charged along with her husband of attempting to smuggle her niece out of the UK, using a false passport.  We managed to ensure both of our clients avoided prison in this case.

  • R v AA - 2 brothers were charged with a lengthy fraud, where they defrauded the Housing Benefit department of a significant amount of money over a 10 year period.  We managed to ensure our client avoided prison in this case.

  • R v UO - Client was charged with Conspiracy to  Rob, after being involved in the alleged Robbery of a cannabis farm.  We managed to secure a non-custodial disposal for our client.






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